Pug puppies for adoption -
I would like to share my experiences with you, on how we got started in this great adventure of pugs. We are a pug family.
 My husband andI started with one very loving Fawn Pug girl named Muggize. We just fell in love with her so much, we looked for a black Pug boy to add to our family. We found Onyx, we just feel in love with him at first site. He has the greatest disposition, I have ever seen in a dog. I have had a lot of pet dogs, German Sheppherds, Boxers, English Springer Spanials, I also raised English Springer, but the best breed is a Pug. I know where  the expression came from "You have never owned a dog until a Pug has owned you". Unconditional love is a Pug.
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