Pug puppies for adoption -
Dear Warren,  I was thinking about you today as Mojo, my trusty sentinel was standing between the front seats watching me drive to work.  He has turned out to be the most delightful animal in the world.  He has won over many many people that were tough customers.  He has also turned out to be an incredible watch dog.  People laugh about that, but he is excellent, and fearless.  He hikes 2 - 3 times a week about 6 miles at a shot into the wilderness -- he of course travels twice that distance running ahead and back go check on everybody.  he has has "off lead" license for Boulder.  During the days I am working he is running around the farm with the mules, horses, ducks, chickens, quails and cats (and 3 other dogs).  he has a great life, but he makes my life even better. Thanks for a great dog.  He is also an incredible affectionate animal; I wouldn't sell him for a million dollars -- he gets better all the time. 
Hope you all are well -- I send my love and best wishes for 2010.
"Warren, We are in love with your divine little pug. We have called her Boots. She is beautifully behaved and a joy to have around.Lynn McAtee" On Monday, July 13, 2009
"I wanted to share a few pictures of Dexter now that he is going to be 6 months old. He is the most handsome pug I have ever seen and I'm not the only person who thinks so.
Everyone he meets tells me what a great looking dog he is and of course he is the most intelligent. Thank you so much.
He makes me very happy and he loves my Jack Russel, Eddie.
They are the best of friends, so thanks again."
Janet Reinert
Greetings Warren,
Dan's pug (Mia) is doing great.  Whenever she has to go to the bathroom, she walks to the door and rings a cow bell that they have hanging there.  He absolutely loves her.  Hope all is going well.
It is pretty clear to me that Little Brownie is a rock star.  The way her legs are extended backward as she is nursing is priceless.  The other babies are beautiful but she is a star.  She is so cute I can't stand it.  One day I must have a baby from her.  Please tell me that you will be keeping her, really.  She is too priceless.  The other babies are beautiful. Thanks for the photos; I will be sharing them.
When our son told us he was getting a pug I was a little worried about where he was going to get this dog... Then he found Warren & Renee's little guys.  We made contact with them to see the puppies... They opened their house to us to allow us to come and see the puppies as much as we wanted to.... I think this was the best way to purchase an animal into your life... By letting us see them everyweek and some week nights they got to know the whole family as they grew until they were able to leave their parents... Going this route made it easier on the puppies when we took them home.  We're still in contact with Warren and Renee to give them up dates on the girls...
We have taken them back to see their parents and aunts and uncles..  It is some much fun to see all of the running around the yard together....  
When Shelby Lynn & Spooky La Rue came into our life's things changed like I never thought they would.  I've been a dog lover my whole life I've always had dogs in my children's lives to show them how much an animal can love you no matter what... Shelby & Spooky came home to a home with 2 other dogs waiting for them to join the family...
Shelby is a fawn colored pug... Spooky is pure black. They so much love to give to you at anytime of the day. They will sit on your lap or anywhere they seem to have this habit that when you  get on your knees to do something they have to jump up on your back and start kissing the side of your face or just lay on your back until your done... Shelby & Spooky  have a personality that can make anyone love a dog...
Denise Laubach
The puppies look great and it was nice to see Mom's face -- how is she holding up?  I can't believe how much bigger the fawn puppies are !! They look beautiful -- only one looks a bit smaller than the rest.  Mugzie and Onyx did a great job again.  Thanks for the great photos -- they brighten my day.
Hi Warren, I was thinking about you this week.  The photos are cute  My little Mojo ("mogwi") has turned out to be an adorable dog.  He is a bit mischievous but absolutely adorably cute (lucky for him).  People can't resist him.  His face is so expressive.  He is also quite affectionate and is very attached to my daughter (but he is a "mamas boy"). His best friend is the big newfie.  He loves phyllis but plays with Baloo at least 5 hours per day.  I wouldn't part with the little guy for anything. The fawn pug is the complete boss. 
I am so glad that I adopted Mojo -- I can't imagine being without him.  My daughter can't get enough of him.  He went to a pet parade at the college and dressed up as a bat. He also "hosted" our vet tech booth at an open house -- it was his "debutante premier".  We even had people that weren't interested in our program stop by just to see the dog.  the other presenters said i was "cheating" -- I told them I was just using my exceptional resources.  He will do the open house at NCC in November.  Of course there are no dogs allowed on either campus, but I don't think they mean me!! The security men are my friends and are big dog lovers -- so I always get away with it.
How are the other puppies?  How are mom and dad?  Most importantly how is your family?
Thanks for thinking of us
"animals are so much more openminded than people.  Mojo LOVES colorado -- he plays on my friend's farm all day and runs in the mountains (with supervision) at night.  He goes EVERYWHERE with me.  He has turned out to be an incredible watchdog.  He's the best Pug ever.
Hope you guys are all doing well."
“The level of quality at Renwar's pugs is fantastic. Having a Pug from their family for many years is truly a blessing, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism and the quality of their puppies. Thank you!”
Lilly & George
“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a breeder you can trust. Renwar's pugs was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of their Pug I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!”
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